How to Make a Simple Industrial Sofa Table

John Malecki

How to Make a Simple Industrial Sofa Table

John Malecki Builds and Industrial Sofa Table

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Mar 13, 2018

I love building industrial style furniture. The pairing of metal and wood in furniture is beautiful and something I really really enjoy aesthetically. I’ve implemented industrial furniture into the design of my own home and those of my clients, and I’m really excited to tackle this industrial sofa table project. Here I’ll show you how to build a super easy industrial sofa table that can be used with bar stools or just for back-sofa storage. This build shows just how easy it is to make elegant and modern furniture just like this.

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Project Overview:

How to Build an Industrial Sofa Table

  1. Cut Metal / Grind Bevels
  2. Tack Together Sides
  3. Finish Weld Sides & Add Stretchers
  4. Flatten & Square Wood
  5. Assemble Top
  6. Sand & Finish
  7. Prep & Prime Base
  8. Paint & Attach Top
  9. Cut Metal / Grind Bevels

What You’ll Need for an Industrial Sofa Table



How to Make an Industrial Sofa Table: The Step-by-Step

Cut Metal & Grind Bevels

Start by cutting down your metal stock to size. Cut the long pieces first for the stretchers, then cut the legs and cross members. You can use a chopping metal cutting saw, a bandsaw, or a zip wheel on a hand grinder. Bevel the edges on all butt joints to ensure strong welds.

Tack Together Sides 

Start by tacking together the sides for the base. Make sure everything is square before moving to the final weld.

Finish Weld Sides & Add Stretchers

Once everything is tacked, square, and level, weld your sides and add the stretchers. Use an angle grinder to clean up your welds once all is said and done for a clean finish.

Flatten & Square Wood For Top

If you purchased your wood rough cut, use this time to square the wood and cut it to size. Use your jointer, planer, and table saw. If you don’t have these tools, you can purchase your wood s4s from the store so it’s ready to go.

Assemble Top

Using a domino or biscuit jointer, assemble the top. Reinforce your joinery with plenty of wood glue to ensure proper alignment. This helps to create less flattening and sanding down the road. Clamp the top together while the glue dries.

Sand & Finish

Sand the top once it dries to your preference. I tackle this with my orbital sander and useRubio Monocoat as a finish which only requires sanding to 150 grit.

Prep & Prime Base

Prep the metal bases by cleaning it with acetone and wiping off all grease and dirt. Use a self-etching primer to first coat the metal. I prefer 2 coats of this to ensure the paint sticks perfectly.

Paint & Attach Top

Finish the base with a coat of paint of your choice. I am using Rust-Oleum Soft Iron paint. Once the paint dries, attach the top. And there you have it: a super simple industrial sofa table!

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Download the Plan

Want to try this build out for yourself? Download the digital plan now for step-by-step instructions, measurements, and a detailed look at how to punch this project in the face.

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Mar 13, 2018
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