How to Build a Bullet Casing Table Insert

John Malecki

How to Build a Bullet Casing Table Insert

Building an Insane Epoxy and Bullet Casing Table Inset for Black Rifle Coffee Company

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Jun 28, 2019

I’ve been a fan of veteran-owned small batch coffee company Black Rifle Coffee Company for years now. As part of my mission to be the ultimate BRCC fangirl, I reached out and asked if they’d want to collaborate on a project with me, and it happens that they were in need of a new conference table for their headquarters.

I wanted to build something super unique and incredibly massive -- so big that this thing will not fit into one video. I had the idea of building a sick inset for the table with the BRCC logo, epoxy resin, and enough Remington .223 bullet casings for a small army. This insert will eventually be the centerpiece to a gargantuan 20’ conference table. But hey, I’m just one guy.

This project called for some serious tools and materials -- many of which are too expensive for most of my audience. Luckily, this kind of project is definitely scalable for smaller projects with less sophisticated tools. Regardless, if you’re looking for one sweet build, this is it.

Project Overview

How to Build a Bullet Casing Table Insert

  1. Create a wooden insert frame
  2. Insert the crosshairs and lettering
  3. Prepare the form for the epoxy resin
  4. Pour the bullets and epoxy
  5. Flatten the slab
  6. Sand and finish

Here’s What You’ll Need


  • Wood for the frame, letters, and crosshairs
  • Remington .223 bullet casings
  • Ecopoxy
  • Tyvek Tape


  • CMC Machine
  • Router
  • Flattening Jig

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How to Build a Bullet Casing Table Insert: The Step-by-Step

Create a Wooden Insert Frame

To get started, you’re going to want to create the border for the insert. Start with about 12 pieces of wood angled to create a ring. Glue those wood pieces up using tight bond, using 3,000-pound tow straps to set them into place. Once dry, fasten the frame into a table and create a center fib for routing the edge. This will allow your insert to take that perfect round shape you’re looking for.

Insert the Crosshairs and Lettering

Next, add your wooden crosshairs into the inside edge of the frame. If you’re looking to put some lettering in your gun casing table insert, cut these now too. I used a CMC machine, but those things are ridiculously expensive. If you’re doing this at home, just make some stencils and cut them out with a band saw.

Prepare the Form for the Epoxy Resin

Before pouring the resin, you’re going to want to laminate a piece of plywood with some Tyvek tape. This will keep the epoxy from sticking to the base, creating a sweet design on both the top and bottom of the table. Because we’re using such a low-viscosity resin, you’ll also want to caulk where the base of the frame meets the plywood for a nice seal.

Pour the Bullets and Epoxy

Once the frame is set, the fun party begins. Pour your bullet casings into place, arranging them until you’re happy with how they look. Once the casings are in place, add your epoxy. Your epoxy will need to cure for about 72 hours. Once cured, carefully peel the insert off the plywood base. This thing is going to be super heavy, so be prepared.

Flatten the slab

Next, you’ll want to flatten your slab. I used a slab flattening jig and a 2-inch surfacing bit on my router, moving about 1/16 inch per pass to get a nice flat surface.

Sand and finish

It’s time to give your bullet casing table insert the perfect finish. I start by sanding both sides all the way from 80 grit to 320 grit. I then wet sanded the top to 4,00 grit. While this was smooth, I really wanted a crystal-clear finish, so I sprayed the entire thing with a Pre-catalyzed lacquer and wet sanded again to 4,000 grit. My end result: a super clear table insert that’s going to look incredible in the middle of this conference table.

And there you have it: one hell of a epoxy table insert. If you liked this build, check out some of my other epoxy projects:

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Download the Plan

Want to try this build out for yourself? Download the digital plan now for step-by-step instructions, measurements, and a detailed look at how to punch this project in the face.

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Jun 28, 2019
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