Epic Wood and Metal Dining Table and Chairs DIY

John Malecki

Epic Wood and Metal Dining Table and Chairs DIY

John Malecki Builds a Wood and Metal Dining Table and Chairs Set for his Home

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Mar 4, 2020

If you follow my YouTube videos, you know that I tackled a home renovation just weeks before my wedding much to my wife’s dismay. From a master bedroom remodel to redoing the floors in our living room, I completed this remodel and it looks damn good.

However, somewhere along the line, I misplaced our dining room table (read: tossed our dining room table in the garbage). Now that I’ve finally found the time to make a new one, I decided to go all-in and create an absolutely EPIC wood and metal dining table with matching chairs.

Despite a few slip-ups along the way, this thing turned out sick. Small mistakes ended up turning into opportunities to incorporate unique design aspects into this table that make it truly one of a kind. Check out my latest video as I build a wood and metal dining table with matching chairs, or check out my step-by-step guide to making one yourself below!

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How to Make a Wood and Metal Dining Table: Project Overview

Making a Wood and Metal Dining Table with Breadboard Ends & Custom Chairs

John Malecki wood and metal chair and table
  1. Cut Down & Mill Lumber
  2. Glue Up Tabletop
  3. Weld Metal Base
  4. Make Chair Frame
  5. Build Legs
  6. Create Breadboard Ends
  7. Cut Chair Seats
  8. Finish & Final Build Up

Wood and Metal Dining Table: What You’ll Need

Wood and Metal Table



How to Make a Wood and Metal Dining Table & Chairs: The Step-by-Step

Cut Down & Mill Lumber

Milling lumber

I find that it saves me time to cut down all my lumber at the beginning of a project. For this project, I’m making a wood and metal dining table that’s 40” wide and 7’ long, so I begin cutting down all my lunch to size from the start. Once cut to size, mill the lumber through the planer to prepare for glue-up.

Glue Up Tabletop

glue application tabletop
Table Wood Biscuit

Once the wood is cut down to size, begin glue-up of the tabletop. I like to use Titebond for a lot of my wood projects because it sets quickly. While the glue is drying, be sure to clamp the tabletop for a tight fit.

Weld Metal Base

Metal Table Base Welding

My design includes the creation of a metal base for the table to incorporate a rustic, industrial design element. Start by cutting down your plate steep using your miter saw (in which case — you’ve got to check out this miter saw station I made). Once the metal is cut down to size, clean it with acetone and tack together. Then — since your welds will be visible and you want them to look good — use the Lincoln Electric TIG welder to put the base together.

Make Chair Frame

Chair Frame Welding

Next, it’s time to weld your chair frame. What makes this part of the project really simple is the fact that you want all the chairs to be exactly the same, meaning you’re only putting in serious effort for your first chair.

Use the plate steel or tubing to create a frame of one side of your chair. TIG weld this together and check that it’s level. From there, use that as a template for all your other chairs, clamping and tacking together the sides of your chairs directly atop the first. When you’re done welding, be sure to clean up your weld lines with an angle grinder.

Build Legs

Metal leg table building

Once your chair frames are ready, begin making your table legs. These legs will need to fit into the base. I wanted a bit of a Stickley style for this build, so I started by gluing up my posts using four different pieces of wood. I then added a veneer for a clean, cohesive look. Once these are dry, you need to cut down the edges so that they are even and fit perfectly into the metal base.

Create Breadboard Ends

Creating breadboard ends

Once the legs are assembled, it’s time to make the breadboard ends. Start by cutting mortises and tenons for joinery, carving out the relief cuts with your router. Once you have the perfect fit, hammer the breadboard into place.

Cut Chair Seats

Chair Seat assembly
John Malecki Chair Seat Assembly

Next, begin cutting out the wood chair seats. I used my CNC to make a comfortable shape for your butt, but I ended up routing and cleaning it up with my hand plane for a smooth finish. 

As this is done, add a self-etching primer to the metal frame and paint. Once dry, connect the seats to the chairs.

As you’ll see in my video, I accidentally made the chairs slightly too short. To fix this, I added small wooden pegs into the base of the chair and they turned out awesome — so if you choose to incorporate those in your design, hammer those into place.

Finish & Final Build Up

Table staining
Table Leg Assembly

Once your chairs are done, it’s time to add your finish. I chose Rubio Monocoat for this project, spreading a single layer on to the wood. Once dry, throw the whole thing together and you have one beautiful wood and metal dining table and chairs set.

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Download the Plan

Want to try this build out for yourself? Download the digital plan now for step-by-step instructions, measurements, and a detailed look at how to punch this project in the face.

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Mar 4, 2020
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