Adjustable Wood Clamp Rack Plans

John Malecki

Adjustable Wood Clamp Rack Plans

John Malecki Build and Adjustable Wood Clamp Rack with Downloadable Plans

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Feb 5, 2018

Over time, I’ve come to collect a large variety of woodworking clamps in my shop. Instead of keeping them in a messy pile in the corner, I decided it’s time to get organized and find a way to store my wood clamps the right way: with an adjustable wood clamp rack.

Oh yeah, you read that right. In this video, I show you how to make an adjustable clamp rack for your workshop that’s designed to hold and organize every style of clamp you may keep in your workshop. This takes storage space issues out of the equation and makes for a really great weekend project.

On this build, I only used 1 sheet of plywood and some hardware, making it a really affordable project to tackle for yourself. Best of all, I’ve included adjustable wood clamp rack plans for you to purchase for just five dollars to make it a little easier to follow. So check out my video and quick project overview below and let me know what you think!

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Project Overview: How to Make an Adjustable Clamp Rack

John Malecki’s Adjustable Clamp Rack Plans

This build has a lot of steps. It can seem intimidating, but it is not as daunting as it may seem. I break it down into 4 easy to follow parts:

  1. Breakdown Plywood
  2. Drill For Hardware
  3. Assemble Hangers
  4. Mount to Wall

The video and blog is a basic overview of the build with some guidance and step by step. If you’re looking for a full plan, check that out here: ADJUSTABLE CLAMP RACK PLAN!

What You’ll Need to Make an Adjustable Wood Clamp Rack

Tools & Materials for Wood Clamp Rack Plans

If you wanna tackle this project yourself you can purchase the detailed plans here

Adjustable Clamp Rack Plans: The Step-by-Step

Clamp Rack - Cut Hangers - Miter Saw (1 of 1)-2
Clamp Rack - Break Down Plywood (1 of 1)

Clamp Rack - Cut Hangers - Bandsaw

Breakdown Plywood

Cut down all parts according to the cut diagram in the plans. Begin with 8” wide rips for the hangers, then move up the sheet. You can use a table saw, track saw, or circular saw to make these cuts.

Cut down 8” rips into 16” pieces. Then mark a line 4” from top and bottom and connect the line. Make the crosscut using a jigsaw, table saw, bandsaw, or miter saw. The fastest cut was the miter saw for me. Then remove the pointed “nose” from the parts. I cut off 2” to make everything uniform

Clamp Rack - Drill Hardware Holes (1 of 1)

Drill For Hardware

Drill a 1/4” Diameter hole at 3/8” x 1 5/8” (center) for top mounting plates. This will align the T-bolt with the center of the T-Track when mounted.

Clamp Rack - Assemble Hangers (1 of 1)-2
Clamp Rack - Assemble Hangers (1 of 1)

Assemble Hangers

Assemble the clamp hangers by attaching the hanger blocks to the back mount. I first use glue and pin nails for alignment, then reinforce with 1.25” screws. Then attach the top block for the T-bolt to the hangers. Use glue, pins, and reinforce with screws.

Clamp Rack - Attach T-track (1 of 1)

Clamp Rack - Optional Back Spacer (1 of 1)

Mount to Wall

Mount T-track to the back mounting board. Use provided hardware, and pre-drill on end grain in order to avoid splitting. Add optional spacer blocks or use your mounting method of choice for the back of the mounting plate. Use glue, pins, and screws.

Mount the mounting plate to a secure wall, preferably into studs. Using 1 1/2” T-bolts and small knobs, attach the hangers and tighten before adding clamps.

And there you have it --  basic overview of my clamp rack plans! For more detailed instructions check out the full plan! Also, be sure to check out some of my other shop builds:

Download the Plan

Want to try this build out for yourself? Download the digital plan now for step-by-step instructions, measurements, and a detailed look at how to punch this project in the face.

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Feb 5, 2018
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